Transgendered corsets

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As many of you will know, I sell corsets to both women And men. I also sell corsets to cross dressers and transgender women. Yes I am very aware that crossdressers and transgender are two different things, I'm not stupid.

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Monthly Donor MVP s! Flo and Tava! Way to go you both are superstars!

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Please be sure to review The Site terms of service, and rules to live by. RSS Facebook Twitter. Featured May 16th, 0.

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The greatest appeal of corsetry is its power to transform the body. The best part is that corsets can do this for men and women alike. While corsetry has traditionally been a standby of the feminine bailiwick, men, too, can use corsets for support and shaping. In some cases, corsets are made specifically for the male form, and there are always corset makers willing to create bespoke garments.

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Authentic steel boned, crossdresser corsets are the ideal shaping garment to help you achieve your female transformation. We supply full length corsets to fit those with male dimensions, so you can feel great in something that has been designed especially with you in mind. We have corsets with cups, underbust corsets and shorter steel-boned cinchers, to help you achieve that hourglass figure we would all love to have.

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Model: Michelle. ROMANTASY is happy to welcome inquiries and orders from any transgendered MTF corset enthusiast be they crossdresser or transwoman, who has a serious interest in learning about and creating a more authentic female silhouette through quality custom corsetry. You may now be considering facial and figure surgery to create a softer visage and an authentic hourglass silhouette.

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Looking for the Perfect Lingerie Guide? Click here! The corsetmaking community, in my experience, strives to be very inclusive.

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However, after a brief conversation with Lisa Marie, I was able to gain much insight in regards to corset training and tight lacing. She promptly addressed all of my questions and concerns, as well as helped me set goals and timelines On the day I picked up my corset, I was pleased to find a detailed tutorial from Lisa Marie It fits like a dream, is well made, and has meticulous attention to detail - a work of art!

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There many people who were assigned male at birth who are looking to feminize their figures as adults. Some wearers bypass this by simply wearing a conventional corset upside-down, but a more effective solution would be to have a corset made specifically for your body. The following makers are respectful and confidential, and have experience drafting corsets comfortable for a masculine skeletal structure while giving a feminine silhouette.

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Corsets are the quintessential feminizing garment above all others, for two main reasons: Corsets once laced on with a modicum of waist reduction that is quite comfortable, automatically position the waistline properly at the typical torso height for a female, and Corsets instantaneously create the classic hourglass shape for an authentic feminine presentation, even with only a little actual reduction of the waist. In addition, wearing a proper well-fitting corset has at least six additional feminizing results: 1. You may see Michelle modeling other corset ensembles on her Flickr photo page and read details about most of these ensembles on our skirt webpage. The longer Edwardian style is often not the best corset for the MTF figure because it tends to visually shrink the hips, rather than enhance them to balance out the typical male figure and shape.


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