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Best known for playing two cops: a nice, gentle one on The Commishand a tough crooked one on The Shield. Baldness definitely aids his anger-based gravitas. With his massive Twitter followingis showing that his dark influence extends to the muggle world, too.

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A heartbroken middle-aged Japanese man decided to rebuild his life by turning into bodybuilding after his wife left him several years ago. To keep himself set on his fitness goals, he first signed up for a bodybuilding contest and then worked out consistently in the gym. The results, as shown in these images from his Instagram account, speak for themselves:.

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From what we know, prehistoric man had a lot to contend with, including throwing down with saber-toothed cats and dealing with the occasional ice age. But what about male-pattern baldness? What we do know is that male-pattern baldness originated somewhere in Europe or the Middle East.

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We bald guys hear this kind of hype all the time, "Bald is cool, bald is beautiful" -- but only from people who are not bald. It's well-meaning and is usually followed up with examples of good looking bald guys like Bruce Willis, Michael Chikless, Michael Jordan, or if you're older, Yul Brynner. These men are not bald -- well, I mean, they are bald -- but they are actually covering it up by taking it all offwhich puts them in a completely different category called "shave-head," which is all-scalp-all-the-time, which makes it an electivenot a genetic imperative and just doesn't look good on everyone.

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By Guest ryohazuki, June 27, in soompi hangout. We all know hairstyles are so important for Asians, especially men with our styled hair and fringes. But what if your not so lucky and male pattern baldness starts to kick in?

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Verified by Psychology Today. The Mating Game. Most men without hair would agree that being bald is sexy.

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Not everyone is a good candidate for a shaved head. First, check out the picture below. The two extremes.

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Now, for the hard part—choosing your favorite bald character on this list! Aang was a main character in the anime show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Airbending is only one of the four bending arts, but Aang was one of the only Air Nomads that could actually use all four air bending powers.

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A survey released by Diamond, a Japanese online media outlet, on Sept. Of all the Asian countries on the list, Japan came out on top, with an estimated The number is 1.

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The same as outside of Asia, I suppose. Being bald is only an issue if the bald guy himself makes it an issue and feels the need to hide his bald pate under a cap at every opportunity he can get away with wearing one. Some Asian guys shave it all off and wear their baldness with confidence.


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