Hustler cb base station antenna

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Whether you watch TV sparingly or tend to stream a lot of movies, a TV antenna is the perfect way to watch shows without a cable contract. Sears has both small indoor models, as well as large outdoor TV antennas for low signal areas. There are two types of antenna that receive different signals.

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Contact CB World! A center-loaded CB antenna that stands only 25 inches, with a swivel ball base that provides ease in attaining the correct vertical orientation for your vehicles gutters. Excellent performance that professional truck drivers expect is provided by the Hustler DTG antenna.

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Hustler -mobile antennas are the most-selling shortwave mobile antennas worldwide. Hustler produces antennas for over 40 years in an excellent and proven quality. Hustler Mobilantannas systems offer a variety of components to the installation to suit your needs may be. Even if a change is received again, a change to the new requirements is quickly detachable.

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ABN: Shock Wave Antennas makes high quality antennas, masts and bracketing to suit your needs. Antenna Repairs are also available. Peter at Shock Wave Antennas will make almost any other type of antenna to suit your need so just give him a call.

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Contact CB World! No items found matching the search criteria. Hustler Antennas has been around for a very long time and are a well-known brand in the antenna community.

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It laso has a frequency range of 26 to 30 MHz and it is capable of weather channels as well. It comes with a SO connector as well as a base pad that is scratch resistant and it includes a coaxial cable that is matched and braided. It is a base load in its design and it is perfect for those who want a small mount CB antenna.

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Contact US! Because of some severe weather conditions, some deliveries may be delayed. Please check the map for details in your area.

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Skip to main content. CB Base Antenna. Only 3 left in stock.

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If you're not someone interested in watching too much television, you might not think it's worth investing in cable. Fortunately, local channels can be broadcasted using a new TV antenna. With the switch from analog to digital broadcasts, using an antenna has changed a bit.