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Forced circumcision refers to circumcision of males who have not given their consent to the procedure. In a biblical context, the term is used especially in relation to Paul the Apostle and his polemics against the forced circumcision of gentile Christians. This form of circumcision involves the circumcision of a male newborn.

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A GRADE-A student killed himself after a botched circumcision left him in constant agony, a heartbreaking final letter revealed. Alex Hardy, 23, from Cheshire, timed an email to reach his mum 12 hours after he tragically took his own life. In the heart-breaking note he explained how surgery on his foreskin two years previously had ruined his life, the BBC reports.

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Georganne Chapin, who runs Intact America, hears about foreskin degradation often. Not according to Zeldis. And nobody in society cared.

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Leibowitz, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. Circumcision rates have been dropping since the s amid controversy about whether the procedure is necessary or desirable. More states, meanwhile, have stopped paying for the procedure through Medicaid, including 10 in this decade alone.

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I'm not quite sure how the topic of circumcision came up when I met Aaron Calloway through a mutual friend recently, but it wasn't one my new acquaintance shied away from. From my perspective, there could be no such thing as TMI about one's decision to get circumcised as an adult male. None whatsoever.

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In South Africa thousands of boys are initiated into manhood each year, but all too often they lose far more than they gain. T he sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air. In the Xhosa culture, the transition into manhood is marked by a month of instruction from elders, who teach the teens how to be a father, a husband.

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Like most Americans with penisesMatt Blausch was circumcised when he was a few days old. The issue led to painful erections in his teen years. It constantly hurts for me.

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Similar counseling is urged for adult heterosexual men who remain uncircumcised and for expectant parents who will be making a decision about newborn circumcision if they have a boy, according to the new recommendations, proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most American boys are circumcised as newborns, but the percentage of parents having their infants circumcised in hospitals has fallen in recent years, even as evidence from African studies suggests that it may be protective. Circumcision has also come under fire, in part because babies cannot give their consent to the operation, with some critics saying the practice constitutes genital mutilation.

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Due to the highly sensitive nature and identifiable nature of this qualitative sexual health data, the dataset reported in this publication is securely stored at James Cook University, but not in a publicly available repository. There are a diverse range of male circumcision and penile modification practices across PNG. Exploring the implications of male circumcision for women in PNG is important to inform evidence-based health policy that will result in positive, intended consequences.

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Family doctors from state-run clinics have been going door-to-door in the capital, Dushanbe, in recent days to make a list of uncircumcised baby boys, several parents have complained. The doctors then tell the parents to bring their young boys to clinics to have them circumcised as soon as possible, the families claimed. Circumcision -- listed as part of the Abrahamic covenant in the Hebrew Bible -- is practiced by Muslims, Jews, and many Christians, though the Catholic Church is against it.


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