Vintage sound modules

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Lots of exciting news to announce today! There are some great new vintage synthesizer modules in the store, some useful new modules in the Core collection, and a new update to Voltage Modular, and they're all available now! These modules are highly-accurate recreations of the oscillator and filter section of the world's most iconic acid techno bass synth.

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We all love software synths, but there's nothing quite like getting hands-on with a proper hardware instrument in your studio. Right now, the market for hardware synths is as buoyant as it's been for the past 25 years, with manufacturers catering for all budgets and tastes. At the lower end of the price scale you'll find compact synths that are capable of producing surprisingly big sounds.

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To that end, he integrated a portable rack case on the premises, loaded with BAE Audio preamps and compressors. The video below is the first in a several part series documenting Hawkins' home studio endeavors with BAE Audio. With a penchant for high quality transformers like Carnhill St lves and Jensen, everything is as close to the vintage philosophy as possible.

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A sound module is an electronic musical instrument without a human-playable interface such as a piano -style musical keyboard. Sound modules have to be operated using an externally connected device, which is often a MIDI controllerof which the most common type is the musical keyboard although wind controllersguitar controllers and electronic drum pads are also used. Controllers are devices that provide the human-playable interface and which may or may not produce sounds of its own. Another common way of controlling a sound module is through a sequencerwhich is computer hardware or software designed to record and play back control information for sound-generating hardware e.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this synth - because it sounds really goodand even though this is not a super-programmable module, it still is a lot of fun and a nice addition to any musician's studio. There are also two banks of classic-sounding drums a la TR and Simmons. Please confirm your email before sending messages.

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This is a premium acoustic piano module that features un-looped data carefully sampled from world renowned acoustic pianos. If you're using an external MIDI keyboard, your playing dynamics will shift between various levels of sampled data, responding to your touch and expressing your sound with a rich dynamic range. The sympathetic resonance of the open strings when the damper pedal is pressed has also been reproduced.

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Print Thread. Joined: Jul There are several sound modules which focuses on vintage keys such as Mellotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, etc. Has anyone compared these sound modules?

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Neve Germanium eq module racked, octal transformer Vintage. This EQ sounds incredible. Warm and rich.


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