Physical therapy for thumb cmc

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Welcome to Central Physical Therapy and Fitness patient resource about Arthritis of the thumb injuries. When you stop to think about how much you use your thumbs, it's easy to see why the joint where the thumb attaches to the hand can suffer from wear and tear. This joint is designed to give the thumb its rather large range of motion, but the tradeoff is that the joint suffers a lot of stress over the years.

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Double-blind, randomized controlled trial. To examine the effectiveness of a manual therapy and exercise approach relative to a placebo intervention in individuals with carpometacarpal CMC joint osteoarthritis OA. Recent studies have reported the outcomes of exercise, joint mobilization, and neural mobilization interventions used in isolation in patients with CMC joint OA.

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The CMC joint carpometacarpal joint is a saddle joint that allows us to grip, oppose, and manipulate objects with our hands. The CMC joint is not responsible for weight bearing like your knees or hipbut can still be affected by arthritic changes. Our thumb is under a lot of stress from griping, carrying, and repetitive motions.

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When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source. That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references.

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A re you having trouble turning keys, opening jars, and gripping doorknobs? Is there pain in the base of your thumb? Does it feel weak and stiff?

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The carpometacarpal CMC of the thumb is a saddle joint that permits a wide range of motion and is largely responsible for the characteristic dexterity of human prehension. This joint, located at the very base of the thumb, is subject to large physical stresses throughout life. Osteoarthritis posttraumatic or idiopathicrheumatoid arthritis, and postmenopausal laxity of the capsular ligaments can predispose structural instability and impairment of this important joint.

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Trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis is associated with more pain and restrictions than other hand osteoarthritis due to the functional importance of the thumb. While the effectiveness of surgical and pharmacological interventions has been widely examined, there is a lack of specific evidence about conservative non-pharmacological trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis therapies. The objective of this systematic review was to provide evidence-based knowledge on the effectiveness of physiotherapy and occupational therapy on pain, function and quality of life.

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LRTI stands for ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition. Joints are formed where two bones meet. Your joints are lined with smooth tissue known as cartilage. Cartilage permits free movement of one bone against another.

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One of the most unique features of the human body is the opposable thumb. Our thumbs have a wide range of motion that allows us to grasp and manipulate large and small objects in our hands with dexterity and strength. This mobility makes the thumb a valuable tool, but it is also what causes the thumb joint to be prone to the wear and tear of osteoarthritis OA.

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Thumb arthritis may be surgically treated with a fusion procedure. The bones that form the thumb joint are set so they can grow together, or fuse. A fusion keeps the problem joint from moving so that pain is eliminated.


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