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Others have experienced complications. Women report alleviation of neck and back pain, relief from constant skin irritation, improved ability to exercise and enhanced body image. But something is missing from the glossy photos and glowing reviews, says one Los Angeles County resident.

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At Newman Plastic Surgery, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of surgical skills and artistry, combined with a warm and compassionate environment. Whether you choose our services for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, each patient experiences personal and individualized care and respect. All clinical staff are board-certified in their fields, meaning they have undergone extensive training and rigorous testing to achieve this status.

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Women with very large breasts frequently suffer both physical and emotional disabilities. Reducing the size and weight of the breasts can relieve a host of painful conditions, helping women feel better physically and emotionally. Traditional breast reduction techniques are unfortunately associated with large scars, and are associated with significant complications including tissue loss and even loss of the nipple and areola are possible.

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For some women considering Breast Reductionhaving disproportionately large breasts can be both physically and emotionally painful. Overdeveloped, pendulous breasts can cause a variety of medical problems from severe neck and back pain, skin irritation, skeletal irregularities, to difficulty with breathing. They can make wearing a bra extremely uncomfortable to the point of being excruciatingly painful; and many women with uncommonly large breasts, particularly younger women, become embarrassed and self-conscious about their bodies.

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Patients with large breasts are often plagued by neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain. There are patients who do not wish to have large breasts and make a personal choice that smaller breasts will enhance their body contour. Patients often experience limitations in their activity and lifestyle secondary to the size of their breasts.

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Friday: a. Our breast reduction patients come to us for very different reasons. Some say their overly large breasts make it difficult to exercise, or sleep comfortably.

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Breast liposuction is an alternative treatment option for women looking to reduce their breast size because of pain, discomfort, poor posture, or embarrassment. Traditionally, breast reduction requires an invasive procedure with large incisions and long recovery times. However, the same techniques used for body liposuction can also be used to remove unwanted fatty tissue from the breast and produce a newly sculpted and resized breast. Women have been pleased with their results as long as they have reasonable expectations and understand that breast reduction by liposuction does not produce the same results as the more invasive surgical options.

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Source: Shutterstock. Boobs are great and all, but if you happen to have an ample set of assets that are seriously heavy to carry around all day, they can become annoying AF. But before you do, you should still consider the risks involved, downtime, and different types of scars, which is why we spoke to seven of the top plastic surgeons around the world to arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel solid in your decision.

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Breast reduction is a common surgical procedure performed to reduce the breast size as well as to lift it and to give it a smaller firmer shape. Breast reduction surgery is done under general anesthesia, either in the hospital or on an outpatient basis:. Ask Your Patient Coordinator.


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