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Your teeth are one of the strongest parts of your body. In addition to helping you chew through even the toughest foods, they also help you speak clearly. Children have just 20 teeth, called primary, temporary, or milk teeth.

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Adult teeth or permanent teeth replace the primary teeth. They aid in digestion, speech and general appearance. There are 32 permanent teeth, with the main difference from primary teeth is that there are 4 premolars and 6 molars in each arch.

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Teeth start developing in the unborn baby. Good nutrition from the mother during pregnancy is important in tooth development. The mother's diet should have adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

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Our Team About Us Dr. Ganzkow Professional Memberships Certification. Gregory Ganzkow, DDS.

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At age six or seven, the first adult or permanent teeth come in. They are known as the "first molars," or the "six-year molars. They come in at the back of the mouth, behind the last baby or primary teeth.

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The Universal Numbering System also called the "American System", is a dental notation system for associating information to a specific tooth [1] used in the United States. Dental charts are normally arranged from the viewpoint of a dental practitioner facing a patient. The patient's right side appears on the left side of the chart, and the patient's left side appears on the right side of the chart.

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Special Offers. Between the ages of about six months and three years, you watched as your child got all of his primary teeth. Starting around the age of five or six, you get to enjoy the process all over again, as those teeth fall out and the permanent set erupts.

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Dental Tips. Have you ever struggled reading your dental treatment plan from your local dentist? Sometimes, it feels like deciphering a difficult table from a college statistics book. The treatment plans are presented based on ADA codes and abbreviated procedure names, not it layman terms you can understand.

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Dental anatomy is a field of anatomy dedicated to the study of human tooth structures. The development, appearance, and classification of teeth fall within its purview. The function of teeth as they contact one another falls elsewhere, under dental occlusion.

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All people have two sets of teeth. The primary dentitionsometimes called "baby teeth" or deciduous teeth consists of 20 teeth that are eventually lost or exfoliated. They are replaced with a permanent dentitionwhich starts to erupt around six years of age. There are 32 teeth in the permanent dentition.


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